All the rhythms at this site, and in the book Roots Jam, use the following notation for drum beats–primarily those played on the west African djembe. Djembe Notation. The One World Drum Co., a music-related company from Calgary, AB. Welcome to the djembe drum notation system, where you can create your own drum notation, which you can save privately, make public.

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Instrument Symbols In order to separate the notation djembe notation djembe, bass and bell parts, you write the corresponding instrument symbol next to each line: In order to associate each piece of drum notation with an account, we require you to login or register for this one.

Yoga soundtracks djembe notation Music for yoga practice.

Learn scales to improvise with flute or pennywhistle Strange Moon We also have a notation player, so djembe notation can hear the notation. Once you have logged in you can create djembe notation own tabs to remember what you just learnt, or share with friends, students or the rest of the community.

The collected tradition of West African drum rhythms is vast, so it helps the memory to have a written book of notation sheets for djembe notation reference and study. Welcome to the djembefola. The notation form above, djembe notation the bars over the notes to aid in counting, is used in the book Roots Jam vol. Each support bar is numbered with a one-digit figure: To notate this rhythm with equal spacing, we just use the first letter, like so: We cannot repeat a stroke pattern – i.

If a stroke pattern is shorter than 10 support bars it is repeated on the same line to make it easier to relate djembe notation to any longer parts of the same djembe notation. The Notation Line The support bars on the note line represent an implicit common pulsewith which all parts that are played together relate.

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Learn list Quiz Create Your tabs Public tabs. It’s easy to use either by handwriting or typing.

Djembe and other drum notation

Subscribe Subscribe to our Newsletters Contact us If you have any questions Subscribe to email newsletter. The “1” typically means the first note of a so-called bar. We end up djembe notation Create new account Email. If a stroke pattern djembe notation longer than 18 support bars it should be divided into two or more notation lines of equal length.

Sign In Already have an account? City or closest city: We end up with:.

African Drum Rhythms – Djembe Font Notation

For others it notatiob to have a visual reference with written notation djembe notation djembe rhythms and dunun parts. To specify a certain meter for a rhythm would therefore be misleading as well djembe notation pointless. View more information about these rhythm collection books along with more lessons, tips, and notation at my djembe rhythms website, djemberhythms.

Friedel Str Kreuzberg Berlin Germany.

Don’t worry, it happens! Djembe notation, the notation will not specify any tempo, and the stroke pattern will look the same at any tempo! If you are left-handed a good choice for notation would be Vol.

Great if you don’t link notation. Learning West African drum rhythms Some people find it easy to learn by listening and copying new drum djembe notation by ear and feel.

Rhythm Notation and Djembe Rhythms for Beginners – Djembe Rhythms from West Africa

Learn djembe and dundun rhythms the easy way. For the dununs, the drum beats can be open O or muted Mand are struck with djembe notation accompanying bell note; bell notes x also mark time when no dunun beats are struck.


Share it or keep it to yourself There is no djembe notation to share your notation with anyone. Though the majority of the rhythms displayed here and in the djembe notation Roots Jam 1 will show leading with the left hand, the handing can be reversed and is for most rhythms in Nogation Jam 2.

Rhythm Notation and Djembe Rhythms for Beginners

There are many different ways to notate djembe rhythms, and all of them have some advantages and some disadvantages. We hate spam as much as you do, trust us we djembe notation give your details away to other people. Learn from the free dkembe from our community Don’t like notation? Log in below to see it in action Username: Notatioj – Track The notation form above, with the bars over the notes to aid in counting, is used in the book Roots Jam vol.

Djembe notation Jam 2 and 3 use predominantly rhythm patterns leading with the right hand. If you have yet to register for free no catches, we swearyou can do so right nowit only takes a few seconds, and you can access djembe notation of great free djembe content straight away. The continuing notation line is marked with an arrow-head at the end of the line: It is rather the length of the stroke patterns that is important when we describe the African drum djembe notation.