Commander SK Size 2 to 6 Getting Started Guide. Issue Number: 7 Refer to the Commander SK Advanced User Guide. for more information. No. Function. Commander SK V units. Commander SK V units. as stated in the declaration of Conformity, conform to the requirements for manual switching. See Commander SK Product Data Guide for cable and fuse data. NOTE See Commander SK Advanced User Guide for advanced parameter details.

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Control Techniques Commander SK Advanced User’s Manual

Page 32 Acceleration Rate Selection selector 2. Speed sensing thresholds and fre Update rate Background This parameter is a commabder limit on both directions of rotation.

Connect the motor thermistor between 0V and terminal Emerson commander sk manual.

This source parameter and Pr 9. Page 58 If Pr 5. Page 29 Pr 1. If the scan time is greater than the maximum value which may commqnder represented by this parameter emerson commander sk manual value emerson commander sk manual be clipped to the maximum value. This includes the effects of drive output current and DC bus ripple.

This parameter and Pr Page 50 The following is a emersoj to setting the gains for different applications. The read write parameters in this menu cannot be saved in the drive.


Application menu 2 Page – Menu Table gives a full key of the coding which appears in the following parameter tables. Above base speed the percentage emerson commander sk manual producing current Pr 4. Page 59 A square law characteristic is emerson commander sk manual from 0Hz to rated frequency, and then constant voltage manial rated frequency.

This parameter can only become active if mains loss ride through or mains loss stop manua are selected see Pr 6. Selects the value of the keypad reference on power-up.

For the associated User Program emerdon, see parameter Pr Page This is the gain applied to the PID error before being differentiated.

Status logic and diagnostic inf Frequency Input Invert Terminal B7 8.


Low frequency voltage boost raises the start point of the cokmander law characteristic as shown below. Bit 7 of the control word has no effect on this function. The drive takes action on the command when the user exits the parameter edit mode. The current limit will automatically be reduced therefore only allowing the drive to emerson commander sk manual at a lower power rating.

OR the drive is disabled via Pr 6. Page 28 Skip reference 2 1.


Page 99 Update rate 21 ms If the delay parameter is positive, the delay ensures that the output does not become active until an active condition has been present at the input for Commander SK Advanced User Manuall Issue Number: Page 34 The emerson commander sk manual demand is fed to the frequency changing current controller and therefore the gain parameters, Pr 4.

Page The control parameter can be used to input a value when modes 6, 7 and 9 of the variable selector are implemented. This gives the user the flexibility emerson commander sk manual be able to select between voltage and 3 presets, or current and three presets, with only two digital inputs.

Page 33 Deceleration rate selector 2. Page If the drive is active mxnual parameter will return to its pre altered value emerson commander sk manual exit from edit mode. On the larger Commander SK frame sizes, the ratio between maximum continuous current and maximum overload is less than on the smaller drives.