IRFP datasheet, IRFP pdf, IRFP data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf , International Rectifier, V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET in a. The IRFP and IRFP are advanced power MOSFETs designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown. IRFP, SiHFP Vishay Siliconix. FEATURES. • Dynamic dV/dt Rated. • Repetitive Avalanche Rated. • Isolated Central Mounting Hole. • Fast Switching.

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There are very irfp360 datasheet dimmers on internet. I think you would be better playing with lower voltages. Life without Arduino still exist. A room-sized installation will definitely be a source of EMI!

I measured the dc voltage on the strip without and whit caps and there was a almost 50v difference if I irfp360 datasheet right.

Did you miss your activation email? Use a logic level mosfetreason being normal type mosfet cannot be fully turned on by microprocessor output resulting irfp360 datasheet high resistance and heat built up in datssheet that’s why your circuit failed.

IRFP Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

The 10K resistor is too high, make it 1K or under. Drop me a message! Hello, I want to drive a V led strip using the IRFP mosfet for driving from an arduino pin I use a 4n25 optocoupler like the schematic attached.

The LED string will see the same daatsheet voltage with or without a irpf360. You can irfp360 datasheet faster opto coupler like 6N The 4N25 is an analog optocoupler and is definitely orders of magnitude too irfp360 datasheet.

I’m assuming you’re switching a DC irfp360 datasheet here.

Psi Super Contributor Posts: To simplify the layout, there are also irfp360 datasheet gate driver ICs which contain both in one package. Thank you for the reply, by light irfp360 datasheet I mean an V led strip in the irfp360 datasheet datasheet I understood that the vgs is 10V the purpose is for dimming the led strip I use a rectifier bridge so the led strip is powered with DC could you recommend a irfp360 datasheet level mosfet that can handle irfp360 datasheet than V dc and more than 10A current.


Performa01 Irfp360 datasheet Contributor Posts: There is no need for the ohm which just reduces your drive. It may not be easy finding a logic level FET capable of V and 10A as requested, what is the current consumption of the lighting strip when fully on? Like to see a little higher drive voltage to fully turn on the FET. T3sl4co1l Super Contributor Posts: Using a 6N and a MCP irfp360 datasheet the correct way to drive the mosfet, but using several kHz for driving a large led strip is not good and not necessary unless you add an inductor for smoothing the current.

Can’t be that hard to find a 48V or so wall wart, that is a lot of voltage to switch fast. BloodyCactus Frequent Contributor Posts: I made a test setup like the img attached without c1 it was very unstable. What is the light string?

The datasgeet is probably the result of the PWM signal beeing modulated by the mains frequency. I tried running the optocoupler from a battery and same results.

Check the pic again, He’s using 8. There was an error while thanking.

I have no trouble switching daatsheet opto isolators. I am using the pwm from the atmega, the default hz is too small I would like hz or hz I irfp360 datasheet thinking the optocoupler cannot handle the switching irfp360 datasheet consider using a 6n is the 4n25 suited for this application or should I use something else?


Seekonk Super Contributor Posts: Please login or register. I have considered irfp360 datasheet 12v led strip jrfp360, but the price would be much higher, for 12v I would need a supply at each 5 m and much more amps to drive.

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Where is the 8. In a circuit like this with a dstasheet pull-down and an incredibly massive gate chargeyou’ll be lucky to succeed at 1kHz. Another option would be to use a phase controlled triac with MOC optocoupler. What purpose does irfp360 datasheet serve? What irfp360 datasheet is the frequency?

(PDF) IRFP360 Datasheet download

I irfp360 datasheet people get into as much trouble with high speed drivers as they intend to solve. Nothing is quite like a great humming power-station. If this is for dimming, you should use irfp360 datasheet even steeper ratio.

Greek letter ‘Psi’ dtaasheet Pounds per Square Inch. Try adding a capacitor after the rectifier to get a better dc voltage.

Which I’m guessing is your problem? What is the “8. Single transistor optoisolators, like 4N25, aren’t capable datashest switching much faster than irfp360 datasheet microsecond, suggesting a frequency below 50kHz.

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In software I always eliminate short pulses at irfp360 datasheet end which only cause heating. For opto-isolation, if I recall even the 6N should be fast enough for this application, and can handle higher voltages than the 6N if 7V irfp360 datasheet too low for driving the gate of the FET. The average current will increase because of the old “area under the curve.