24 Nov An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to co-operative societies in the State of Maharashtra. WHEREAS, with a view to providing for. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . 14 [(16) “housing society”means a society, the object of which is to provide its. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . [(16) “housing society” means a society, the object of which is to provide its.

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Recommencing of counting after fresh poll. Power of Registrar to decide certain questions.

Prohibition on accepting deposit from nonmembers. Provision has also been made in the NDS for giving quotes on behalf of clients i. Procedure and principles for the conduct of inquiry and inspection. Coo;erative for voting at election to District Central Cooperative Banks. Notice by Returning Officer for inspection of accounts.

Provided that, a member shall not be deemed to be a defaulter if he has discharged his obligation to deliver his marketable produce maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 the marketing or processing society and the value of such produce is not less than the amount of his dues, even if the actual settlement of his dues, either in whole or in part, takes place at a later stage.

Election to notified societies. Punishments for offences under section All powers of the Registrar under the Societies Rules,not being powers under. Web, Tablet and mobile version: The report of the Flying Squad shall be treated as sufficient evidence for further action, if any]. Effect of order of winding up. Preparation of list of contesting candidates. Removal of ballot papers from polling station to be an offence.

Admissibility of copy of entry of evidence. Term of nonofficial members of the Regulatory Board. All powers of the of the Registrar in respect of the Co-operative Mauarashtra Factories situated within the region, not being the powers under, —.

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All powers of the Maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 in respect of the Co-operative Sugar Factories. Charge and setoff in respect of share coooerative interest of member. Security for costs from a respondent. Societies, the area of operation of which does not extend to the whole of a district, but extends to acy or more talukas, or the authorised share capital of [which is not more than] Rs. The term of the members of such provisional committee shall be for a period of one year from the date on which it has been first appointed or till the date on which a regular committee is duly constituted in accordance with the provisions of the rules or bye-laws made under this Act, whichever maharashtr earlier; and all the members of such provisional committee shall vacate office on the date of expiry of such period or such constitution of the committee.

Conditions for borrowing by societies with limited liability. Revisionary powers of State Government and Registrar. Provided also that, a member classified as non-active member shall, on fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as provided in this sub-section be entitled to maharashtrw re-classified as an active member: Disposal of a dispute by Cooperative Court. IB No amendment of the bye-laws of a society shall be registered by the Registrar under this section or in the case of the bye-laws which are deemed to have been registered shall have effect, if the amendment is repugnant to the policy directives, if any, issued by the State Government under section 4.

Form of declarations be made maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 members borrowing loans from certain societies and conditions on which any maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 in favour of a society shall be satisfied. Registrar to bring defects disclosed cooperrative inquiry or inspection housiny notice of society.

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Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, 1960

Registrar [and his subordinates]. Responsibility of committee or the Administrators or authorised officer to intimate and assist to arrange for election, before expiry of term.

On making payment to the tenderer and the Market Committee in the manner provided in the aforementioned section 30A the purchaser shall be maharasthra of his liability to pay the price to the tenderer. Transfer of disputes from one Cooperative Court to another and suspension of proceedings in certain cases.

Recent changes in Maharashtra Co-Operative Society Act

Such order may provide for the reduction of the interest or rights which the members, maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960, creditors, employees and other persons may have in, or against, any society to be amalgamated to such extent as the Registrar considers necessary in the interest of such persons for the maintenance of the business of that society, having due regard to the maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 of the assets of such society, to its liabilities.

All powers of the Registrar under the Act and the coopegative rules not being powers under —. Claims and objections to provisional list of voters.

Form for the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. Share or interest not liable to attachment. Additional conditions for raising funds by societies.

Change in name of coo;erative. Further security for costs. Repeal, saving and construction. Registrar to take action when the Committee vacates office under Section G 2B.