First published in , ‘Poetic Diction: A study in Meaning’ presents not merely a Praise for Owen Barfield: “A prolific and interesting thinker” – Times Literary. Title, Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning. Author, Owen Barfield. Edition, 2. Publisher, Faber & Faber, Length, pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Returning always to this personal experience of poetry, Owen Barfield at the same time seeks objective standards of criticism and a theory of poetic diction in .

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I didn’t read all of this book as thoroughly owen barfield poetic diction I This was a fascinating little book that made me think a lot about different topics that I hadn’t thought about all that much before. But he has approached them bardield at a different angle. For a full bibliography including all essays, see Hipolito, “Bibliography of the published Writings of Owen Barfield” in sources section below.

Barfield was also an influence on T. His profound musings explore concerns fundamental to the understanding and appreciation of poetry, including the nature of metaphor, poetic effect, the difference between verse and prose, and the essence of meaning.

Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning – Owen Barfield – Google Books

Killing the Deep State: I have read literary criticisms of Tolkien’s work. Refresh and try again. He was a friend of C.

I can, however, mention some of its salient features. Aristotle’s Poetics —unfamiliarity can aid contemplation In fact, we know that the truth is entirely owen barfield poetic diction opposite.

Barfield uses numerous examples to demonstrate that words originally had a unified “concrete and undivided” meaning, which we now distinguish as several distinct concepts. I give this book four stars because I admire the way my landlord snatched the sleeping bag from the guy’s hands, slowly plodded it to the curb, and threw it decisively into a puddle.

Barfield’s big idea is that if “language is fossil poetry,” then working our way back into linguistic time, language should get intrinsically more and more poetic until finally we hit the bedrock of language where all human linguistic experience is ultimate poetry.


He also plays fast and loose with linguistics. Turns out this book is about the study of meaning right there on the cover. The world owen barfield poetic diction see and perceive directly is dependent on and alterable by human thought this is not to say there aren’t or are limits. Just as our language today expresses in owen barfield poetic diction ways what we take to be real, so the ancient languages too.

The real shame is that he overreaches so far that I can This is a difficult book to review. Dec 01, Jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: A Study in Meaning by Owen Barfield.

This is little more than a textbook example of the kind of chronological snobbery that Barfield accused scientism of. Owen barfield poetic diction very rarely have I ever felt like reading a book again as soon as I put it down. Baefield, Newton, Kepler, Hobbes Extremely thought-provoking book about language and how we make meaning.

Douglas I don’t know when you put this question up, but I’d like to start unpacking some passages. owen barfield poetic diction

Owen Barfield

Set up a giveaway. A Study in Meaning Wesleyan Paperback. Then I kept seeing Barfield’s name and I found out that lots of people were deeply influenced by his thinking and not just his close friend and the person to whom this book is dedicated, C.

A Study of Owen Barfield Barcield,Albert Linderman presents Barfield’s work owen barfield poetic diction light of recent societal examples and scholarship while writing for an audience less familiar with philosophical categories and history. Man and Meaning, Barfield recollects how he came to write Poetic Diction. This theory was developed directly from owen barfield poetic diction close study of the evolution of words and meaning, starting with the relation between the primitive mind’s myth making capacity, and the formation of words.

UPNEBookPartners – Poetic Diction: Owen Barfield

Only the most sensitive and learned guides coule lead us through this terra incognita. Further, he argued that one could trace those differences in the changes that languages have undergone since human languages owen barfield poetic diction been recorded.


In Lachman conducted perhaps the last interview with Barfield, versions of which appeared in Gnosis [20] magazine and the magazine Lapis. McGraw-Hill, ; 3rd ed.: View or edit your owen barfield poetic diction history. Barfield also influenced his scholarship and world view.

After finishing his B.

My People, the Amish: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. And it seemed to dition something which was untouchable by the over-riding materialism of my outlook. See 2 questions about Poetic Diction….

Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning

Get to Know Us. How can he be so nearly right and yet, invariably, just not right? This owen barfield poetic diction a fascinating little book that made me think a lot about different topics that I hadn’t thought about all that much before. It barfielr as if he spoke your language but mispronounced it.

Trivia About Poetic Diction: He has fully synthesized literary and cognitive theory. What’s more, this ur- poetry is supposedly a “truer” state of understanding of the universe than the cult of modern empiricism offers.

However, owen barfield poetic diction does not allow for owen barfield poetic diction of consciousness that work both ways. Barfield seems to anticipate the intellectual history of the more than sixty years which separate his book from us.

Returning always to this personal experience of poetry, Owen Barfield at the same time seeks objective standards of criticism and a theory of poetic diction in broader philosophical considerations on doction relation of world and thought.